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From Tree To Green: Crafting MasteryAt Handmade Sporting Goods, our mission is rooted in a respect for the timeless traditions of golf, coupled with a commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. "From Tree To Green: Crafting Mastery" is not just a statement; it's the ethos that guides every aspect of our work.Rooted in Tradition, Grown in Innovation: We begin our journey in the heart of nature, where the finest woods are carefully selected for their quality and durability. Each piece, whether it's maple, ash, mahogany, or persimmon, is not just a material; it's a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature.Crafting Tools for Mastery: Our passion lies in transforming these natural elements into exquisite training aids. Our flagship HickoryStix alignment aids are more than just products; they are the embodiment of luxury, precision, and functionality. Every stick, meticulously crafted and hand-finished, is a unique piece of art designed to last a lifetime.Not Just Pretty: HickoryStix by HSG are the premier example of
beauty-useful. Combining inspected hardwoods, hand forged additions, and unique solutions for many golfers. Whether you're the videographer, the putting freak, or the heels up at impact long drive champion; we have you covered.
For Players, Teachers, and Courses: Our mission extends beyond the individual golfer. We aim to equip teachers with tools that enhance instruction, to provide clubs, events, and courses with one off creations. Handmade Sporting Goods is dedicated to supporting the growth of the game.

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